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Release Day Blitz Realm of Dreams and Destiny by Stella Dale

Realm of Dreams and Destiny
Entwined Hearts Series 
Book One
Stella Dale

Genre: Romantic Fantasy
Publisher: War of Hearts Publishing
Date of Publication: July 22, 2024
Number of pages: 365
Word Count: 102,000+
Cover Artist: War of Hearts Publishing

Tagline: They were bound by destiny long before their hearts were entwined…

Book Description: 

They were bound by destiny long before their hearts were entwined…

Aralin's life is a complex web woven with delicate threads of secrets and destinies. Born into a world where supernatural creatures are hunted, she hides a dangerous reality.

She is not human.

As a princess and pawn in the royal games of power, she finds herself betrothed to the emperor’s son. Yet, her heart beats for another––a warrior in the emperor’s army, a commoner unaware of her true identity.

Just as her world teeters on the brink of disaster, a mysterious vigilante enters her life, his dark allure tempting her toward rebellion against the oppressive emperor. His charm is undeniable, and his cause justified. With each encounter, their fates become increasingly intertwined.

Caught between two men who awaken different desires within her, Aralin struggles with conflicting feelings of duty and desire. However, a new obstacle arises in the form of an ancient prophecy. As signs of the prophecy reveal themselves, Aralin must make a difficult decision: surrender to the expectations placed upon her by others, or fight for her own fate?


Marrying someone I’ve never met, especially the son of the emperor, would be…




My father swallows hard, something he does when he’s pushing down his emotions, but there’s a firmness in his eyes that conveys the seriousness of the situation. “The emperor has commanded it, Aralin. This isn’t a simple proposal. It’s an order from the emperor himself.”

This is the finality of a decree.

His words settle like a heavy weight in my mind, and a rush of helplessness washes over me. The emperor’s commands are absolute and impossible to defy. The force of his power reverberates through me, leaving me feeling small and insignificant in the face of his authority.

I’m a chess piece in a game of kingdoms and empires where the greater needs of the realm outweigh personal desires. The emperor’s demand is a demonstration of his power, a forceful reminder of the duties and responsibilities that accompany my title.

Let’s not mince words. My life isn’t my own, and it never has been.

This proposed marriage isn’t a simple union between two people. It’s a strategic move in a game where I’m the pawn and the prize is what lies buried deep in the mountains of Wintriness.

I take a deep breath, steadying myself. “Father, the emperor wants this marriage so he’ll gain access to the natural resources of Wintriness. It’s the truth, and everyone here knows it.”

I’m referring to newly discovered crystallos, a rare and powerful element found only in the frozen depths of Wintriness. Whispers about it have reached my ears, speaking of its ability to bring about the downfall of even the most formidable supernatural creatures. The mere mention of it brings goosebumps to my flesh. Rumored to possess a deadly potency, crystallos can stop the most powerful witch, vampire, werewolf, fae and other supernatural being in its tracks. Its power would be disastrous in the emperor’s hands.

My eyes scan the faces of the king’s hand and the general so I may gage their reactions.

Their expressions are neutral, yet I can’t shake the suspicion that one of them has played a part in this marital arrangement. Possibly both. Those two have always been adept at making power plays and maneuvering behind the scenes to shape the kingdom’s future to their advantage.

The weight of their gazes on me is measuring and calculating. There’s a slight shift in Balius’s eyes, but he gives nothing away. Meanwhile, Indrid maintains his composed facade with perfection.

They’re masters of the political game, and the three of us know I’ve just called out their tactics. All the more reason to get rid of me.

My refusal to accept the emperor’s command would have repercussions reaching far beyond the walls of this throne room. The balance of power, the future of Wintriness and my own fate are all intertwined in this decision.

I won’t be allowed to refuse.

“No matter the motive, I have no say in the matter.”

I hear the defeat in my father’s voice, and my frustration flares. The thought of being used as a bargaining chip in this political game stirs a fierce blaze within me. “The emperor can’t take away the only living heir to the throne of Wintriness.”

My father is composed, but I see the impact of the situation in his eyes. “Aralin, you’re well aware that the new prince of Wintriness will arrive any day now.”

His words are well-meaning and intended to point out that his line of succession will continue without me, but his words sting. Again, I’m reminded that I’m not the prince everyone longs to have.

“I can’t leave the queen, Father. She needs me. Her health is better in my presence. You said so yourself.”

The thought of abandoning my mother, especially in her fragile state, is a dagger to my heart.

“My beloved daughter, you will go to Imperia and take your place. This is a great honor, Aralin. In time, you’ll become empress.”

There it is. The king’s duty as a monarch overshadows his role as a father.

His words, intended to inspire and reassure, fall flat. The title, with all of its power and prestige, holds no allure for me.

“I have no interest in being empress.”

Life in a foreign land, bound in marriage to a stranger, ascending to a throne I don’t want… it’s a future I can’t fathom. And then there’s the added problem of being a witch within the emperor’s small circle.

There’s no way I’ll survive it.

The king’s words, while spoken with a sense of regal duty, are a reminder of the limited choices available to me. Because I’m a female.

The weight of my royal birthright is heavier than ever before. The expectations, the responsibilities, this arranged marriage––all chains that bind me to a destiny I never chose. My personal desires, dreams and hopes are secondary to the whims of these men in power.

My heart aches at the thought of leaving everything I know and love behind.

“I want to stay here in Wintriness near you and Mother,” I say, hoping somehow my words will sway his decision.

“You’ll leave for Imperia in one month when the emperor sends for you.” His tone is resolute.

It’s clear that any additional arguments would be futile. So I nod and allow a mask of acceptance to fall over my face for the sake of appearances. “As you wish, Father.”

I swear I see a flicker of a smirk on the face of the king’s hand, perhaps a slip.

After a deep curtsy, I turn and leave the throne room. Each step feels heavier than the one before as my mind races with thoughts and emotions behind the mask of compliance.

Leaving Wintriness and entering an unknown world is terrifying. But the prospect of marrying the emperor’s son and becoming part of a court that is a world away from everything I have ever known fills me with panic.

Used as a pawn in a tyrant’s game… that will not be my story.

About the Author:

Stella Dale is a passionate storyteller who's always had a love affair with books, devouring stories from all genres since she could first hold a book. She spent years as a dedicated nurse, providing care and comfort to those in need, before embarking on her writing journey. However, her true calling beckoned, and she left the medical field to follow her dream of becoming an author.

Nestled in the heart of Mississippi, Stella weaves captivating stories that are brimming with love, adventure, and enchantment. At home, she is surrounded by her loving husband and their three spirited felines, who never fail to provide inspiration and entertainment. When she's not crafting characters and worlds, she loves to embark on international travels, immerse herself in different cultures and landscapes, and satisfy her insatiable curiosity for life's endless tales.

Amazon Author Page: 

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Quest for Copia by E.P. Bellows

Quest for Copia
John William Drake
Book Two
E.P. Bellows

Genre: Children’s Fantasy
Publisher: Azra’s Pith books
Date of Publication: 11/1/24
ISBN: 979-8865821205
Number of pages: 197
Word Count: 38,000

Tagline: Join John William Drake and his friends on their Quest for the Lost City of Copia… but beware, something evil lurks in the shadows.

Book Description:

John William Drake believed there was something special about the medallion Celeste found. It chimed and sparkled in the sunlight. He was right; the medallion was from Copia, a lost city masked in time. Legendary tales were repeated of a golden city inhabited by Empyrean Wizards until it was plagued by dark sorcery when a meager fledgling magician by the name of Imperious the Great wandered in.

Some did not believe the city ever existed; others who knew better wanted it to stay lost. How did it all start? How would it end? The answer simmered for hundreds of years waiting for the right moment to escape.

John and Celeste were more than ready for another adventure. The journey to Copia was also a search for his missing father. They were unaware of just how dangerous their quest was until it was too late. The medallion’s power could bring the lost city to life again, unlocking the dark past dormant within its walls. The young explorers were in the middle of a battle of ancient sorcery that could end with an evil capable of destroying the realm and they held the key.

Excerpt Unearthed:

~The Copian Mediallion is discovered after being buried for years by layers of the realm.

Come on, wings! Don't fail me!" Gusts of wind blew the little bird in all directions. Her vivid red feathers stole the sun’s beams from the sky.

This was not an ordinary bird. This was a young Empyrean wizard named Celeste. Empyrean wizards lived in an extraordinary place where fantastic creatures and magic were a part of every day. All Empyrean Wizards have a bird form appropriately coordinated with their personality. This particular Empyrean was fearless and kind. She also had a knack for finding

"Made it!" Her small but determined wings descended into the trees below. There was a peculiar tree she heard whispers about, and she was on her way to see it for herself. The tree was believed to be a passageway to the other side. Of course, she had no idea what the other side was, which only drove her curiosity. She perched on a boulder next to a single dead tree that boasted the broadest tree trunk in all of Copious Forest. The tree was surrounded by a blanket of thriving greenery. Celeste cautiously glanced around and gave her feathers a ruffle. A young girl emerged through the feathers with wild hair the same shade of vibrant red.

“Incredible!” she gasped and scuttled over to the tree. She poked her fingers out of the sleeve of her cloak and ran them along the rigid bark on the trunk. The bark chimed a soft melody as her fingers went along.

“So it is real.” Her eyes beamed. She stepped back and pulled a scroll out of her cloak. As she unraveled the scroll, the verses of an ancient spell were revealed. “The Tunnel of Light Enchantment ...

Cuniculum lucis incantationis tempus sit, electi ingrediantur. Cum tempus est, electi per cuniculum lucis relinquere possunt.

 When it is time, the chosen may enter. When it is time, the chosen may leave through the tunnel of light." She gazed at the dead tree, waiting for even a small flicker of magic. The trunk looked like it had not been seen or touched in years. “Hmm ..." Celeste raised her brow.

A prickly chill traveled down her spine. She squeezed her arms across her chest to soothe her goosebumps.  "Hello? Is-is someone there?" Celeste frantically glanced around.

An angry groan rumbled through trees.

“I'm not afraid of you!" she declared. “Come out and show yourself!”

Twigs and bits of forest flew past her curls. She scrambled behind the boulder. Sharp whispers buzzed through the gaps in the trees.

“The moan went from a groan to a vicious roar. A wind funnel shaped like a pair of long, wretched claws appeared.

“Oh, no—it’s the Rive.” Her body tensed.

The dark spell was strong enough to twirl her straight into the air with one dizzying burst. It plowed through trees and shot rocks in all directions. Celeste's cloak whipped around in a frenzy. She crouched behind the boulder and gripped her hands around the base. Then her body lifted off the ground. Inch by inch, her fingers slipped from the boulder. "Oh no!" Her head throbbed from intense pressure as the wind consumed her.

"Where is it? I must find it," the Rive whispered sharply, bringing a sting to Celeste's ears.

"Where is what? What are you talking about?" she shrieked.

"Where is it? I must find it!" the Rive's whisper was now at a rattling shrill.

Celeste closed her eyes and fisted her trembling hands. She felt herself drifting into a dizzying slumber. “I have to channel the √©lan. Come on, Celeste ... concentrate. I can do this!"

She took a deep breath. "Azra lucem tuam ostende. Azra tua industria illuminet …

Azra lucem tuam ostende. Azra tua industria illuminet."

A warm, vibrant energy burst through her cloak. The dark spell released its grip. It hissed and hurled rocks at Celeste. She stood her ground and

Celeste collapsed to the ground, breathless. “I just did that.” She examined the palm of her hand in astonishment.

She scooped up the shimmering clump and scraped the forest coating off it until all that remained was a medallion with strange markings and feathered wings carved in the center. It chimed and sparkled in her hands. Celeste stuffed it in her cloak and cautiously looked around. An excited giggle slipped out just before she morphed back into a little red bird and flew above the trees.

About the Author:

A little about me…

Let's see... When I was eight, I had a pet turkey. I used to take it with me on my short-lived paper route. Needless to say, I was terrible at delivering the paper. No one wanted a "Dollar Saver" with turkey poop splattered across the best coupons on the front page.

Books... "Treasure Island" is a fantastic pirate tale. I love just about anything by Roald Dahl. Who could ever leave out Tolkien? I would also like to thank C.S. Lewis for sending me on an unrelenting childhood quest for portals to amazing worlds.

I write fantasy stories for children. Yep - proud fantasy geek here. It's pretty darn awesome to escape to another realm with sorcerers and wizards for a chunk of the day. The underlying theme in my stories is empowerment and living purposefully. We all have that spark inside just waiting to shine ;)

When football is on I turn into a cookie-eating pottymouth. I have a theory that avocados are the Jedi of all foods. I also believe the aroma of garlic and butter sizzling in a pan is pure magic.

Last random nugget… few things make me smile more than chocolate, cheese, and a nice splash of vino... AND, if the Chargers would make it to the Super Bowl again - just once 

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The Storm Breaks by Valerie Storm

The Storm Breaks
Demon Storm 
Book Six
Valerie Storm

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
Publisher: Shadow Spark Publishing
Date of Publication: 7/13/2024
ISBN: 978-1-956883-22-0
Number of pages: 416
Word Count: 102,166 
Cover Artist: @Ginkahederling

Tagline:  Cast into the hands of enemies old and new, Kari is losing her grip. Will she fall?

Book Description: 

Wolf and demon born…under storm the land is torn.

Tendrils of darkness reach from the depths of her mind and shadows flicker around every corner. Still reeling from Raven’s horrific display of power, Kari suffers in silence.

When Guine finally returns with stories of a mirror that could help him with his problems, Kari finds herself hoping that maybe, just maybe, it could help with hers as well.

With the promise of a relatively straightforward outing, Kari, Ari, and Guine set forth to find the mirror.

But what they find beyond the looking-glass threatens not only Kari and her sanity, but also the world she loves.


Suddenly a hand shot out of the wall ahead of her, giving her no time to react or slow her pace as it grabbed her shoulder. Kari pulled at the fingers, tugging at their grasp, trying to hurry. She had to escape the damn water!

            Lightning sparked along her claws. She raised her hand to attack again, intending to cut the fingers right off of her.

A familiar voice growled, “Do it and we’re dead.”

            Kari froze long enough for the hand to pull her straight into the wall. She stumbled through and fell face-first on something hard and cool.

Groaning, she rolled onto her back and looked up into the sweat-dotted, strained, and frowning face of Guine. Above him hung a ceiling of some kind of jagged, translucent, blue rock.

            “Why did you stop?” he demanded rather angrily. “I said we had to keep moving, didn’t I?”

            For a moment Kari thought she was still waiting for the water to overtake her. That filthy, disgusting-smelling, murky water. Slowly she realized they had changed locations again; now they were in some sort of cavern. Completely dry and relatively safe, at least for the moment.

Kari jumped up and bared her teeth at Guine. “You didn’t say if I stopped that would happen!”

“Why would I say, ‘don’t stop’ if that wasn’t a vitally important thing to do?!”

“You’re often unclear and exaggerate!” she snapped back.

            They glared at each other for a long time. He was mad, but she was madder. He had not been very upfront with her about this wretched maze, and that enraged her. She did not need the Catalyst to fuel her anger; her heart thrummed against her ribs, taking all of her breath with it, and it had not stopped since that first room.

            The danger here was real, and yet intangible. She had faced so many people who wanted her dead, or worse. But this place would kill her at the slightest mistake.

            Finally, Guine sighed, his face relaxing into exhaustion. He turned away from her.

            “It doesn’t matter now. It’s done. But now…now we face a problem.”

            The walls were just like the ceiling, seemingly made of something crystalline. Ahead of her, she could see an opening in the circular room.

            “What problem? Besides being in this yutemi you’ve created, that is.”

            Guine chose to ignore her snappy tone. “We got off-track. Things will change now. I can find the way since I did make this as an option, but now it will take us longer.”

            Kari’s gaze slowly trailed back to him. He’d said…what? Two or three days? Without food.

            Now it would take longer?

            “Just how much longer are you talking about, Guine?” Kari hissed.

            He shrugged, not quite nonchalant, but rather resigned. “Maybe tack on a week. At the very least.”

            Kari’s mouth dried. Already her stomach rumbled; now that the adrenaline had passed through her system, she was hungry. She wasn’t stupid. She knew her body would be capable of going quite a long time without sustenance, but that long? And what of their water supply?

            She felt for the bag, but her fingers were too numb to reach inside for the waterskin. The cavern suddenly seemed very small.


            “Thirst will not be a real issue,” Guine said as if he had read her mind. “When I designed this way, I made a room for myself so that I could survive if I slipped up. There will be a room ahead that provides fresh, drinkable water. Hopefully, we can store enough to last us the rest of the time if we ration it.”

            “And what about food?”

            He hesitated. “The room…also has a solution for that. For humans. There’s no way we could know it would work for you, or at the very least not kill you.”

            Kari stared past him. The only exit out of the cavern they were in was a single tunnel that turned sharply into darkness.

            “I will not die in here, Guine.”

            “I don’t intend for you to,” he said wearily. “But if things were serious at all to you before, it’s worse now.” He walked to one of the walls and sat down. “We should rest before we go on. Exhaustion and stress make the mind do stupid things.”

            Kari didn’t move. She thought of a time long ago when she had left behind Snow Shade. Then she had perhaps gone a day or so without a real meal. It was like torture to her, weakening her body and senses until she had come across something to eat.

            She could have adjusted to the idea of three days with no food. But more than a week?

About the Author: 

Valerie Storm was raised in Tucson, Arizona. Growing up, she fell in love with everything fantasy. When she wasn’t playing video games, she was writing. By age ten, she began to write her own stories as a way to escape reality. When these stories became a full-length series, she considered the path to sharing with other children & children-at/heart looking for a place to call home.

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A Tale of Something New by D. S. McColgan

A Tale of Something New
Book One
D. S. McColgan

Genre: paranormal fantasy, romantic, gaslamp
Publisher: A Tale of Ltd
Date of Publication: 22 March 2024
ISBN: 978-1-7385050-0-5 
ISBN: 978-1-7385050-1-2 
Number of pages: 242
Word Count: 69’522

Cover Artist: Lukas Lauener 

Tagline: Saving a mysterious stranger might come back to bite her.

Book Description: 

Liliana is shocked to find a dying man in the middle of the forest, surrounded by the remains of a brutal fight. She brings him home to her father’s farm to nurse him back to health. However, when the stranger regains consciousness, he doesn’t remember who he is or how he came to be there.

Intrigued by the mystery of it all, Liliana sets out to discover who this handsome, well-mannered stranger is. Could he be the man who whisks her away and shows her the world? Or will whatever happened in the forest put her and everyone she loves in grave danger?

This is the start of a new supernatural fantasy series focusing on the decisions one woman has to make in her effort to balance love, morals, ambition and responsibilities as her world expands from her little cozy village to the events that span her continent.

Amazon     BN      Waterstones


At dinner, Liliana repeated what the stranger had said. After all, he now had a name.

Then the weather was discussed, and the whole table agreed that they were expecting another cold snap. Grandmother felt it in her bones, the farmhands and Cedric observed it in the animals’ behaviour and Father smelled it in the air. The chicken broth was well received.

Armed with a portion of said broth, Liliana ventured to the stranger’s bed after dinner. He awoke immediately and swallowed greedily, his gaze fixed on the bowl. There were so many questions swirling around in her head that she didn’t quite know where to start. If he was missing his memories, he couldn’t answer most of them, and she didn’t want to overwhelm him.

‘Do you remember me?’

He looked up briefly. ‘Yes.’

The fact that he could remember newer things was a good sign.

‘How’s the pain?’

‘Don’t ask.’

Liliana would’ve liked to know if his curt manner was part of his personality or due to the pain he was in. To wake up in a strange environment, in this agonising state and unable to recollect anything … No, she didn’t envy him.

Once the bowl was empty, she gave him the medicine, and Grandmother came to look at his wounds. She loosened the bandages in some places, careful not to damage the skin that had already healed. She rubbed on some of the ointment containing the resin Liliana had collected.

The stranger grimaced but made no sound.

‘That’s my grandmother,’ Liliana said. ‘She’s nursed many people back to health.’

Since he lay there quietly afterwards, Liliana stayed in the room. She was eager to talk to him more, but he kept his eyes closed, exhaustion on his face. So she sat down with her book, in front of the wardrobe. It was a precious, carved piece of furniture that Father had given to her mother after their wedding.

‘How did I get here?’

Astonished, she looked up. His eyes were still closed, but it seemed he felt her presence in the room. ‘I found you half-dead in the woods and brought you here.’

A pause followed, during which Liliana watched him over the edge of the book. What a peculiar way of speaking he had … Although she understood him clearly, the melody of his sentences sounded strange to her ears. His lips formed the words with precision, as if every single one of them deserved to be heard.

‘Be honest, what are my chances?’

‘The fact that you survived the first few days is amazing. If you keep going like this, I’m sure you’ll make it.’

A hint of a smile appeared on his lips. He opened his eyes and slowly turned his head to look at her, quietly grunting with pain. ‘What … are you reading?’

The bronze colour of his eyes still fascinated her. ‘Oh, this? A collection of fairy tales.’

Another pause followed while they studied each other.

‘You like books?’

‘I do. Would you like me to read you one of the stories?’

‘Yes, please.’

Liliana cleared her throat. ‘Most farmers struggle with reading. While I am by far the best reader in the family, it probably still sounds bungled to trained ears.’

The stranger gave her another smile to acknowledge her efforts and closed his eyes.

Liliana began to read. She hadn’t read out loud in a long time. No one here shared her enthusiasm for books. Why would they? There always seemed to be gossip to share, and after a day of hard work, most people in the village didn’t want to overexert their tired brains. For them, books were an expensive and superfluous possession. When Cedi had been younger, she’d taught him to read. As with many other activities, her little brother started on it with great zeal, only to lose interest after the first few strides. Reading to someone who may be well educated made her nervous. But she soon found her rhythm. As intended, the stranger relaxed. Distraction was a good antidote to pain.

About the Author:

D. S. McColgan emigrated from the Swiss mountains to Wales, where she now writes her stories surrounded by green hills, countless sheep and castles. She writes in German and English, and her short stories reside in the realm of fairy tales or magical realism. This year, she has published the first two books of her fantasy series: A Tale of Something New & A Tale of Something Red. 

If you are not afraid of blood and fancy a historical tale with slow-burn romance, secrets, authentic characters and atypical twists, you will love her series.

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Bright Midnights by LS Delorme

Bright Midnights
The Limerent Series 
Book Three
LS Delorme

Genre: Paranormal Romance, YA, Urban Fantasy
Publisher: Limerent Publishing
Date of Publication:  Oct 2023
Number of pages: 301
Word Count: 119000
Cover Artist: Brittany Wilson

Tagline: "In a world where viruses possess and dreams unlock new realms, a young girl must navigate love, danger, and her own dark powers to survive."

Book Description:

Most high school students find life challenging, but 17-year old Amelie has a lot more to contend with than typical teenage angst. Ever since she turned 11, others have been irresistibly, almost chemically, drawn to her-with tragic consequences. Her only escape is at night when she flies to different times and places through her "dreams". Her life begins to change when, on one of her flights, she meets Clovis, an alluring and mysterious young man who hides a secret.

As Amelie finds herself increasingly drawn to him, she learns his story, how it intertwines with her own and finally discovers how to live her life in the real world. Until her own secrets are revealed to the wrong people and that world turns upside down.


 “Everyone, could you pass your weekly journals forward,” Ms. Pryll announced. “And I think, perhaps, today I will pick a few of you to read your entries to the rest of the class. Ms. McCormick, you always have such interesting entries. How about we begin with you?”

Ms. Pryll motioned her forward. Ah, her eye rolling had been noticed. Amelie really wasn’t off to a good start today. On top of her intestinal grumbling, she was feeling the beginnings of a tension headache creeping up the back of her neck.

Just as she was standing up to assume the position at the front of the classroom, someone stumbled through the door. It was Hudson. He was slumping, holding on to the doorframe. Hudson wouldn’t be drawing attention to himself in normal circumstances. Something was wrong. Ms. Pryll was finally pulled from her flirting by the fact that the rest of the class was staring at the doorway. As they watched, Hudson slid down the doorframe into a huddled position.

“Now Mr. Crowe, please come in and sit down,” said Ms. Pryll, with exasperation.
Hudson managed to hold up a small blue object, before slumping forward.

“Dude’s been drinking?” Ryan laughed from the back.

Hudson tried one more time to raise his head and lift the thing in his hands. Everyone in the class just stared at him. The front of Amelie’s forehead suddenly exploded with images, and the lighted words from the cereal box this morning made sense.

Low. Sugar. Bad.

“He’s not drunk,” Amelie snapped. “That’s a glucose meter. He’s diabetic.”

Amelie dropped her notebook and ran to the door, falling to her knees beside Hudson. She had a vague notion that this hurt and she would be bruised later, before she grabbed Hudson’s head. She didn’t know if people in insulin shock had seizures or not, but that didn’t matter. She knew what to do. She had been told by something more reliable than memory. Low blood sugar was bad.

 What to do? Okay, Elodie had her phone. What else? Jack, he always ate breakfast at his desk. Today it was a bottle of orange juice. Thank god.

“Elodie, call 911—now! Jack, throw me your OJ,” Amelie snapped.

Jack just smirked at her, completely disengaged in the fact that another human being was in crisis. A wave of fury replaced the images in Amelie’s head, making everything around her look shiny, sharp, and red. The world began to move in slow motion. She turned, her eyes met Jack’s, and she let her well-constructed shields drop … just… drop. The energy that flowed out of her felt glorious.

“Jack, throw me your OJ, now,” she said, softly this time. She saw the shocked look on Jack’s face, but he immediately grabbed the OJ and tossed it to her. The chemical wave that seemed to be her birthright rolled over him, through him, past him and across the class … person by person, face by face.

About the Author: 

Lexy is the Author of the Limerent novel universe.  The first two books in this universe were Caio and Bright Midnights. They are two of the three foundation books of the Limerent Series, and as such can be read in any order. 

Bright Midnights was picked as an Editor’s Choice by Booklife and received a Golden Wizard award in the UK in the category of YA.  

Lexy has also been a travel writer and author of The Unofficial Guide to Disneyland Hong Kong and An Expat Mom’s Unofficial Guide to Disneyland Paris. She is an ex rock musician, ex science grad, recovering attorney and now an expat writer.  Her love of writing stems from an eclectic life.  As a navy brat, she grew up in various states across the U.S. until her father retired to North Carolina when she was a teenager.   

As an adult, she has continued this tumbleweed life, having since lived in 3 countries, 9 US States, and 21 cities around the world. But, through all this change, her love of writing has been the one constant. Writing the Limerent Series allows her to use her unusual past to help create new worlds.  

Lexy now lives in Paris with her husband and two very cool sons.  
“Writing fiction gives you a place where you can put all the attractions that you probably shouldn’t feel, all the thoughts you are afraid of saying out loud, and all the rage that you can’t vent because you would kill people.  While we live, these moments stay with us, but when we die, they die too. When you put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, you put these things out there in the world where they can be read by others.  This means that they have a life outside of you and outside of your own head, and that’s something that is really compelling to me. I like the idea that these amazing moments that I’ve had in life don’t disappear when I disappear.”  - LS Delorme 
“For me, writing is like therapy…just cheaper.  As most writers are not really individuals but a collection of individuals trying to find a way to live together in one brain, fiction allows them to make a home for all these people who live rent free inside their heads.  It’s also place that you can capture unique moments in life that impact you or that make you feel deeply.”  - LS Delorme